Roofing Tiles Nigeria

Looking for top quality stone coated roofing tiles in Nigeria? You are in the right place. Our company offers the best and original stone coated roofing tiles in Nigeria. Our roofing tiles are made of grade A steel for the core offering an optimal balance of durability and flexibility. The stone chips used are natural to give your roof the most natural look and enhance durability. When you purchase from us you can be sure you are buying premium products with the best industry warranty. We stock a wide variety of colors and styles to suit all the needs that you have.

Some of the benefits of using our products include; our tiles are easy to install, they are durable and built to last, they are available in different distinct and versatile designs, they are light weight and easy to install, the roofing tiles are eco-friendly and energy efficient and they can withstand extreme weather patterns while protecting your home from disasters. We make the purchasing process completely easy for you with our impeccable customer care services. From getting a quote to installation we will always be there for you. We respond quickly and give you the best prices possible.

Our Profiles

Bond Profile

This is the most preferred profile by many people in Nigeria and in the world over. Our bond profile is more like the classic profile but with a lot more defined curves. These tiles give your roof a scalloped appearance when they have been installed. They are available in a wide range of colors (over 10 different colors). What's more, they offer a space for air circulation allowing the hot air under your roof to escape to the surrounding. This keeps your energy bills to the minimum since your house will not be heating up so much and your ac working continuously to lose the hot air. They offer a modernized look to your home or building and they are available in different colors.

Classic Profile

Classic tiles can complement almost any type of architectural design. They can also be used on any kind or roof whether it has a high slope or a low one. The classic tiles are light weight and easy to install. They come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can be sure you are purchasing a premium product. To maintain the beauty of your home or building, these tiles do not fade easily. They clean naturally when it rains to maintain a new look over the years.

Shingle profile

Our shingle roofing tiles give your house the distinctive and elegant shingle look. They have perfect ridges placed strategically across the entire tile so that the appearance of the house after roofing is consolidated and fortified. The shingle profile can be used on traditional as well as modern type of architecture. Our shingles undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure they are fire resistant, durable and made to last. If you are looking to add some enthusiasm or vigor on your roof you can consider using shingles with two tone color arrangement. The shingles are durable, lightweight, easy to install, fire proof and can withstand weather elements.

Roman profile

These are the tiles for those who want to mimic a perfect traditional appearance on the roof with a touch of modernity. They are available in natural colors and looks that giveyour house that natural feel. The roman profile tiles are light weight and easy to install. They do not wither over time and they are made to resist growth of organic plants on them for about a decade. With our roman profile tiles you can be able to capture the timeless beauty of traditional tiles but with more durable, strong, and lightweight.

Shake profile

These tiles offer a traditional look much like that one of wooden shakes but avoiding all the problems associated with wooden shakes. They are available in subtle and natural colors to add the most natural look and feel to your house. The shake profile is easy to install, weather proof, doesn't degenerate under UV light, lightweight, and offers protection under extreme weather conditions like hails and storms. It is therefore ideal for those looking for a traditional wooden shake feel to their house but with the utmost protection, durability and fire proof properties.